Broadleaf Acres is a small scale permaculture farm in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to grow healthy, nutrient-dense food for our family and community in the most regenerative way possible. Our goal is to promote biodiversity, sustainability, and resiliency within every product. From rotationally grazing the livestock to our perennial gardens, building soil health is the cornerstone of our management practices.


Our name stems from the idea that every plant in nature serves a purpose. While some see “weeds” that are a nuisance, we see pollinators, fertilizers and biological pioneers. When it comes to clover, dandelions and other broadleaves, we say, "Let it grow!"

"The world is in fact full of free things that are delightful. Flowers. The world is also full of people who would rather pay for something to kill the dandelions than to appreciate the dandelions. Well, I'm a dandelion man myself."

-Wendell Berry

Broadleaf Acres

9229 Blue spring road

mercersburg, pa 17236

(717) 328-0114

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