Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are pick-ups every other week instead of every week?

-We found picking up a CSA share every week to be a little overwhelming.  It was often a scramble to use up the weeks produce before going to get more. We're hoping that bi-weekly shares fit busy schedules, and allow people to look forward to pick-up day.

2. Can't I just buy your products at the market?

-While we plan to be at the Farmer's Market weekly (and we hope to see you there), becoming a member of our Farmstead CSA has some benefits! We're hoping to build relationships with those who care about their food and the story behind it. Members will be able to glean knowledge and take home several bonus add-ons like vegetable starts, young perennial plants, and so on. Members of our Farmstead CSA will also receive a 10% discount on our extra produce at the farmer's market and 5% off additional cut pork orders from Kauffman's Keep.

3. Are you certified organic?

-We are not certified organic. However, we pride ourselves in going beyond the organic standards. We never use chemical sprays (not even the organic ones), instead we garden the old fashioned way. We build up our soil to grow healthy plants that can fight disease, and utilize companion planting. We never add synthetic fertilizers or spray herbicides and pesticides. Our poultry feed is not organic but it is grown locally by a responsible farmer and gmo free.

4. Do you produce everything at your farm?

-Every product is grown or raised at our farm unless indicated otherwise. Every product in the 2018 Farmstead CSA is from Broadleaf Acres, except for the heritage breed pork which is from Kauffman's Keep. You will find a description and their website listed on the sign up form if you would like more information.

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