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Pastured Chicken

Our chickens are raised in a free range system from two weeks old. They enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and the ability to act like chickens! They're able to forage for insects all day and we also feed them a locally grown, non-gmo feed from Ernst Grain in Clearspring, MD. Our chickens also take longer to grow out, making the meat darker and more flavorful. Don't forget to make bone broth when you're finished with your chicken dinner! 

Whole Chickens (average 4-6 pounds each)

$4.50/lb or $4/lb when you buy ten or more

Bone-in Breasts $10.00/lb

Legs & Thighs $6.00/lb

Hearts or Livers $4.00/lb


Grass Fed Lamb

100% grass fed and humanely raised whole lambs available this fall. Please contact us to preorder. $6/lb hanging weight + $100 for custom processing.

Our lambs are born and raised on our farm. We rotationally graze them through our fields, moving them every 3-4 days. This keeps them extremely healthy and also helps regenerate our pastures!

Ground Yearling Lamb $9.00

Country Sausage $10.00

Sweet Sausage $10.00

Hot Italian Sausage $10.00

Chorizo $10.00

*Prices per pound


Seasonal Produce

We have decided to narrow down our produce for the future. As we continue projects around the farm and grow other offerings, we don't have enough time to keep up with so many vegetables.

We will now be focusing on several varieties of garlic, onions, potatoes, and winter squash. We will continue to offer our perennial vegetables, as well as fruits, as they're available.

We look forward to sharing our unique varieties as they continue to grow. And as always we will offer our favorite fresh herbs.


Grass-Fed Beef

We are very excited to be partnering with a local family that raises 100% grass-fed beef! The way they care for their livestock & their commitment to regenerative agriculture aligns perfectly with our beliefs. We look forward to sharing these offerings with you!

Ground Beef $7.50

Kabobs $7.50

Sirloin Steaks $13.00

Delmonicos $18.00

Filet Mignon $24.00

Porterhouse $18.00


*Prices per pound


Pastured Turkeys

- More information coming soon...


Perennial Plants 

- More Information coming soon...